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Private Pilot Training

What does it mean to become a pilot? Obtaining your pilot’s license for many, is a dream come true. It takes some training and is a large responsibility, but with it comes many amazing rewards. Centurion Aviation Services can help you every step of the way.

There are different types of pilot licenses and many different certifications that compliment each license. Centurion can help you determine what your specific goals are, and implement the path that is best for you.

PRIVATE PILOT  - minimum 40 hours flight time (20 with an instructor)


The most popular certificate, the private pilot certificate allows the pilot to fly any aircraft in the category allowed.

Private pilots are not allowed compensation for their services nor are they allowed to fly for commercial purposes (see Commercial Pilot).

Becoming a private pilot affords you the ability to fly aeroplanes of the category and class that the license designates. It gives individuals the freedom to travel like never before.  Centurion Aviation Services specializes in developing individuals to be air worthy, experienced or not, from classroom to flight, we can train you every step of the way. 

VFR - Visual Flight Rules

Visual Flight Rules is a designation of your private pilot license which allows a pilot to fly in fair weather and under certain conditions.

IFR - Instrument Flight Rules
Instrument Flight Rules is a designation of your private pilot license which allows a pilot to fly in adverse weather conditions. It requires additional training from VFR and requires mastering operation of the airplanes cockpit instruments while in flight.

SPORT PILOT - minimum 20 hours training time with restrictions.

The least restrictive of all the certificates, the Sport Pilot License is meant for pilots who wish to fly in low altitude light aircraft only. There are several different categories for sport pilot certificates: Glider, airplane, powered parachute, lighter-than-air and rotorcraft. 

Sport pilots have several restrictions such as number of passengers and night flying. Sport pilots are also prohibited from flying above a certain height and in certain airspace. 

RECREATIONAL PILOT - minimum 30 hours flight time (15 hours of dual instruction)

The recreational pilot license is not as common but provides pilots the ability to fly heavier aircraft than those used for sport pilot training. Most aspiring pilots choose to obtain their private pilot license rather than pursue a recreational license.


There are also distance and airspace limitations with a recreational pilots license. Recreational pilots are also only able to fly during daytime hours.


A commercial pilot license requires more flight hours and allows a pilot to be compensated for his services. Commercial pilots are required to follow additional federal aviation regulations pertaining to commercial flying operations. 

Becoming a commercial pilot requires you to learn how to fly more complex aircraft and to learn more about the knowledge and operations of professional flight.


Becoming a flight instructor is sometimes a logical step for aspiring pilots. It allows an avenue in which the pilot can gain experience while getting paid to fly. A flight instructor certificate requires thorough knowledge of commercial pilot topics as well as other learning and instruction based concepts. 

If you are contemplating a career in aviation, Centurion Aviation Services can discuss your goals and set you on the right path.

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First off, join NAFI. Centurion Aviation has been successful refreshing expired CFIs such that reinstatement is as painless as possible. Depending on how old the expiration is, reinstatement is tailored to fit your needs and keep the cost and time affordable and practical. Areas covered are but not limited to:

Airmen Certification Standards (ACS), FAA Advisory Circulars, Risk Assessment, IACRA, MEDXPRESS, proper CFI endorsements, flight reviews, IPCs, FAR/AIM,, Single Pilot Resource Management, ADS-B in and out, lesson planning, required CFI records, and much more.

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